Jamaica is blessed with superb geographical location and resources that make it a great vacation spot. It is an island country south of Cuba and north of South America.
Jamaica is only about seventeen degrees above the equator so it is very warm all year round. (Grab your sunglasses and tanning oil!) Everyone sees the commercials for the white-sanded beaches and the clear blue water but Jamaica’s terrain is mountainous except for those several tracts of lowlands that you see on TV. In fact, Blue Mountain’s, that is the highest mountain in Jamaica, is 7402 ft. So, if you plan on going to Jamaica you had better think of bringing your hiking boots. The island is also equipped with excellent natural harbors, including those at Kingston, Saint Ann’s Bay, Montego Bay, and Port Maria.Jamaica is not only blessed with great plenty of natural wonders but it’s people and their culture are probably it’s
Jamaica is not only blessed with great plenty of natural wonders but it’s people and their culture are probably it’s greatest resource, and that is what draws the people to the island.
Capital: Kingston
Dialing code: +1
Currency: Jamaican dollar
Population: 2.715 million 
Continent: North America

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