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I'm Isaac

I LOVE exploring the world, meeting amazing new people while discovering new and exciting destinations.
Traveling and living in over 200 destinations, always finding a way to work and live in a new location around the world.
Eventually, starting the TourFound.com site with knowledge of fun things to do at the places that I lived and the places I have visited.

My Latest Adventures

Isaac M Gad

Maldives – Islands

Maldives: The Sunny Side of Life Beckons – Where Paradise and Play Merge into Pure Bliss Welcome to the Maldives, where every day feels like

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Isaac M Gad

Doha Qatar

Doha, Qatar: Where Tradition Meets the Future in a Desert Oasis of Fun Welcome to Doha, the dynamic capital of Qatar, where a vibrant blend

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Isaac M Gad

Bucharest Romania

Bucharest, Romania: Where the Past Meets the Future in a Symphony of Fun Bucharest, the vibrant heart of Romania, is a city that seamlessly blends

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Isaac M Gad

Petra – Jordan

Petra, Jordan: Where History, Mystery, and Adventure Unite Welcome, fellow adventurer, to the ancient rose-red city of Petra! Nestled in the rugged canyons of southern

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Isaac M Gad

Wadi Rum – Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan: Where Martian Landscapes Meet Desert Adventures Welcome, intrepid traveler, to the breathtaking and otherworldly Wadi Rum, Jordan’s very own slice of Mars

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Isaac M Gad

Aqaba – Jordan

Aqaba, Jordan: Where History, Adventure, and Relaxation Converge Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Aqaba, the jewel of Jordan’s Red Sea coast. Nestled between the rugged

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Why tours and Activites are fun

Well, well, well…aren’t we curious little humans trying to understand why we find activities and tours so darn fun?!

Activities and tours are like the chocolate chips in your cookie, the icing on your cake, the sprinkles on your ice cream… they just make everything better when you travel to a new destination.

First, they allow you to step out of your mundane routine and experience something new and exciting. Who wants to sit around all day doing the same old boring stuff? Not me, that’s for sure!

Plus, activities and tours allow you to learn new things about the world around you. You can finally impress your friends with some did-you-know facts, just ask my friends and family how much they love it LOL.

But that’s not all, folks! Activities and tours also give you the chance to bond with others. You can make new friends, create memories with loved ones, and even have a good laugh together. And let’s face it, life is just better when you’re laughing!

Activities and tours are fun because they add excitement, knowledge, and social connections to your life. And if that’s not reason enough, then I don’t know what is!

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