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Taipei is Taiwan’s largest city as well as its economic, political, and cultural center.
Taiwan’s capital city pulses wherever you go with temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neon street life of a more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where you can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine.
Whether you’re just stopping over en route to another destination, or planning a longer stay, Taipei is a many-faceted treasure that will call you back again and again.
Discover the heart of Asia in beautiful Taipei!

Isaac Top 3 Things To Do In Taipei Taiwan

As the tallest green building in the world, Taipei 101 is an engineering marvel and the first building of its kind in the world. Spanning 101 stories above the ground at 508 meters, the building was designed as a symbol of technology’s evolution fused with Asian tradition. The building features many pan-Chinese and Asian elements mixed with a postmodern style and is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes common in Taiwan.
Besides the tower, the base of the building houses a multi-level shopping mall, food court, various restaurants, and high-end brand stores.

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a famous national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China. At the ground level, there is a library and a museum with exhibits detailing Taiwan’s history and development. The upper level contains the main hall, in which a large statue of Chiang Kai-shek is located, and where a guard mounting ceremony takes place at regular intervals. The monument, surrounded by a park, stands at the east end of Memorial Hall Square. It is flanked on the north and south by the National Theater and National Concert Hall.

Anyone who visited Taipei can tell you what a food-obsessed city this is. There’s so much good food to indulge here that eating your way through a night market is every bit a must-do as climbing to the top of Taipei 101. There are a few famous eateries known for serving some of the best examples of Taiwanese favorites like Din Tai Fung restaurant that is famous worldwide for its dumplings.

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